Wreck Diver

Melbourne has some of the best wreck diving in the country, maybe even the world. With the Ship's graveyard right on our doorstep, why not take the challenge to learn safe diving practices in and around wrecks, how to survey a wreck and navigate safely, use of navigation lines, finning techniques and how to avoid silting up a site.  This course will teach you how to carry and use redundant gas sources and light sources. *Requires minimum PADI Adventure diver certification and be 15 years old at commencement of course.

Night Diver 

It's amazing to see the difference between day and night above the water, and its no different under water. Different types of fish life come out to feed to mate and use the cover of darkness to live their life.  This course is open to the holder of Open Water certification and teaches the use of underwater light sources, underwater navigation, how to communicate in the dark and maintaining buddy contact.  This course will qualify you to take part on the night dives conducted aboard Redboats.com.au.

Dry Suit

For the colder climates, the use of a dry suit enables year round diving in comfort by keeping you sealed off from the water. Believe it or not, the winter diving in Melbourne can be amazing as conditions keep the Bay clear and winds down.  This course teaches buoyancy control in a dry suit, safety procedures and about thermal properties to help keep you warm in a range of conditions.  Open to Open Water divers and above who have their own dry suit.

Deep (40m)

There is a certain mystique and mystery about what lies in the deeper waters and with the Lonsdale and Nepean Walls offering sheer drop offs, over hangs and Crayfish, the PADI Deep course is a ticket to open these new worlds of diving.  This course will give you the confidence to dive to 40 metres by managing your gas supply, learning about the changes in colour at depth, using specialised equipment and most importantly, dive planning.  You must be at least 15 years old and holder of an Advanced Open Water certification to commence this course.  The PADI deep course is often run concurrently with the Enriched Air course (Nitrox)

Enriched Air

Using Enriched Air, often referred to as Nitrox, gives longer No decompression dive times and shortens the required surface intervals.  If you want to stay in the water longer and be back sooner, then this is the course for you.  You'll learn about managing oxygen exposure, using your computer to set new dive time limits, how to analyse enriched air gas and is open to divers who are Open Water or above rated.  This course is perfectly coupled with the PADI deep course to maximise the time you can spend underwater at depth.

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Can you recognise a dive related illness and know how to provide treatment?  The PADI oxygen provider course teaches you to know how, and when to use Oxygen to treat others, should the need arise.  There is no age or dive rating pre-requisite and is open to all, whether you are a snorkeller, free-diver, diver, dive pro, boat crew or as part of first aid training.  You'll learn about dive injuries, how to assemble and use oxygen equipment, how to provide aid to a non responsive person.  This course sits perfectly with the PADI Rescue Diver course and the Emergency First Response course.

Underwater Navigation

Diving along a fixed feature is one thing, but would you know how to follow a boat crew instructions about what direction to head to get back to the boat safely?  The PADI underwater navigation course will teach you the finer points of compass navigation while underwater.  We'll teach you how to use your kick cycles to estimate distance, how to plot objects underwater and locate them again and how to create an underwater map.  This course is available to Open Water Divers and above who are at least ten years old.

Search and Recovery

Imagine being out on a fishing boat and watching as the anchor spools out and over the rail into the blue below.  Would you know how to locate and recover the anchor safely. We'll teach you how to safely find, rig and lift objects from below and bring them to the surface using a range of knots, lines and lift bags.  This can certainly be a challenging course, using compasses, ropes and a variety of patters, but we assure you, its a bundle of fun!  We'll taech you to tie knots under water, how to swim a search pattern and how to use a lift bag to bring an object to the surface.  An Advanced Underwater certification is required to undertake this course, or Open Water + Navigation.

Peak Performance Bouyancy

Do you ever look at some divers and they look effortless in the water, hovering there as they line up that perfect photo, using only their breath to control their position in the water?  The PPB course will take your buoyancy control to the next level, which will improve your air consumption, your work load in the water and improve your skills.  This course is great for those wanting to explore photograph or wreck courses as you avoid sensitive areas by doing weight checks, trim your dive gear and streamline your equipment and learn to hover in almost any position!

Underwater Photography

The best way to get your friends keen to dive is to show them just how good diving is.  Instagram and Facebook are both full of awesome images from the underwater world and we can show you the best ways to capture these images, using light to your advantage and colour adaptation.  It's a great way to promote conservation and awareness of our marine environment.  We'll take you through choosing the right camera, right lighting systems and using basic software edits to capture that awesome moment.

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