Discover Diving

This is an introduction to diving and some basic skills with an instructor supervising at all times.  A Discover Diving Experience doesn't attract a formal diving qualification but is an easy way to be introduced to underwater diving and to start exploring our underwater world.  This is conducted with an experienced instructor who will guide you and ensure you have the best experience possible.  Great way to see if diving is for you!

Open Water

The PADI Open Water diver certification is the most recognised qualification in the world and qualifies you to dive to 18 metres. The course consists of:Independent online learning, Medical Questionaire - Please note that we reserve the right to request you attend a dive physician if any medical issues are identified before allowing enrolment to a course, Basic swim skill assessmentConfined water skill training conducted in a pool, Open Water skill training and open water diving. Some of the skills you'll learn including breathing techniques, recovering your equipment underwater, clearing water from your mask and moving in a way to look after the environment so you can come back to look again!We utilize areas such as Rye Pier, Blairgowrie Marina, Portsea Pier and charters to facilitate our courses.  Courses can be tailored for your needs including split courses over multiple weekends and can include extra charter dives at your request.  We usually conduct our courses over 2 days.

Equipment is supplied EXCEPT boots and fins due to hygiene reasons, but we are more than happy to help point you in the right direction for equipment.  As we aren't a dive shop, we are best placed to give you independent advice.

Advanced Open Water

The PADI advanced open water isn't about being advanced in experience, but advancing your skills and knowledge.  The course is designed to expose you to some of the PADI specialty courses by having 3 specialty dives of your choice. This could be search & recovery, wreck, night diving or peak performance buoyancy to really help you nail that position in the water.  To complete the course, you MUST do a navigation dive and a deep dive and the reward is a qualification that will allow you to dive to 30 metres.  This is perfect for diving in Melbourne with some spectacular reef systems on the Lonsdale Wall in and around 25 metres.

PADI Rescue Diver

How can you be a better buddy? Can you see a problem brewing before it becomes a bigger problem? This course is designed to help you manage any issues in the water and be in the best position to resolve them.  This course is often described as the most challenging, but the most rewarding of any of the PADI courses.  This course requires a first aid and CPR certificate to be complete within the last 24 months to enable certification.  We also offer packaging with the Emergency Oxygen Providers Course for the complete picture to make you the best, practical buddy you can be!This course consists of some on line learning, practical skills including search patterns, recovery of distressed divers, first aid and finally some scenarios to tie it all together.

PADI Dive Master

The PADI Dive Master course is the first step into professional diving.  If you have a passion for diving, a passion for people and the ability to be a leader, listener, mentor and great example of diving practice, then the Divemaster (DM) course is for you.  A DM can lead and guide certified divers, assist instructors on courses and be a diving role model.  There are job opportunities for Divemasters world wide!  This course consists of:Academic study, in water skills, open water skills, assessing engagement with other students, Completing dive briefings and risk assessments. This course is run on demand by Blue Line Divers.

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